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Adolescent & Young Adult Health




Organizations About Teens

National Adolescent Health Information Center

National Adolescent Health Information Center (NAHIC) was established in 1993 with funding from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is based within the University of California, San Francisco’s Division of Adolescent Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Institute for Health Policy Studies.

​The Society for Adolescent Medicine

Founded in 1968, the Society for Adolescent Medicine (SAM) is a multidisciplinary organization committed to improving the physical and psychosocial health and well-being of all adolescents through advocacy, clinical care, health promotion, health service delivery, professional development, and research.


SIECUS is the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, and it has served as the national voice for sexuality education, sexual health, and sexual rights for over 40 years. SIECUS works as an advocacy group that seeks to expand sexual and reproductive health education programs, policies, funding, and rights.

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education

The National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education (NCSSE) consists of over 140 national organizations committed to medically accurate, age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education for all children and youth in the United States.

Addiction and Recovery & Drug Treatment Centers

http://www.addictioncenter.com is a free web information resource helping addicts and their families connect with the resources and support they need. (*This not a specific treatment facility.)

Addiction Treatment Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous

Center for On-Line Addiction

SAMHSA's Substance Abuse/Addiction

SAMHSA's Treatment and Recovery

Web of Addictions


Mental Health Care General Links


Internet Mental Health

Let's Talk Facts, APA

Mental Health Counselor Resources, About.com

Mental Help Net


University of Michigan Health Library

Web Sites You Can Trust, Medical Library Association

Personality Disorders

Mental Help Net - Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders - Focus Adolescent Counselor Services